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Hey, you deserve a chance to find a great contact. To work on your terms. To better your situation. To be appreciated. To be a provider. Now, maybe you've tried staffing agencies before. But this is different. We have thousands of jobs across the country. And you just need one good one. So, what are you waiting for? Find it today and get to work!

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Join thousands of IT Experts who use Job-Drop to find their next contract and improve industry knowledge with Skill Builder.


    We only accept great Contractors. When working with Job-Drop, you'll gain access to a network of top talent, great companies, and resources you can leverage throughout your career.

  • Job's which fit

    We're IT Contractors just like you, we understand the difference between Java and Javascript and ensure our Modern Marketing only alert's and align's you to relevant contracts which fit your skills and expertise.

  • Industry Insights

    Receive industry and job type insights on a monthly basis. Review our up-to-date expert analysis and trends on the Contractor Market and see how your day rate compares to the average.

  • Networking

    Network with our community of brilliant, driven IT Contractors. We promote communication, sharing knowledge, gatherings and fun.

  • Skill Builder

    Grow your skill set by attending our free training courses, pod-casts and seminars available throughout the year - from SQL DB and SAP training to HTML5 and CSS.

  • On-Hand Support

    Our Support team will work with you throughout the end-to-end cycle of your contract - including support with on-boarding, any compliance requirements, first payment and off-boarding.

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