Technical Contract Market Trends

The latest average rates for the top Technical contracting skills and contractor demand updates. Contractor rates not only depend on your skills and experience as a contractor, but they also depend on the economic climate, company budgets and often location of the contract.

Updated January 2017


Top Ten Technical Contracting Skills by demand
Rank Skill Daily Rate
One Analyst £390
Two SQL £400
Three Java £480
Four Cyber Security £500
Five Linux £450
Six Oracle £450
Seven Project Manager                   £430
Eight .NET £400
Nine C# £400
Ten SAP £450
Top Ten Technical Contracting skills by daily rate
Rank Skill Daily Rate
One Head of Technology £900
Two Market Risk Analyst £830
Three Head of Security £830
Four C# Quantitative Developer £830
Five Java Quantitative Developer £830
Six Chief Technology Officer £820
Seven Programme Director £790
Eight Head of Architecture £780
Nine C++ Quantitative Developer £740
Ten Head of Engineering £720
Emerging Technical Contracting skills in 2017
Rank Skill Daily Rate
One Cyber Security                       £500
Two Kubernetes £550
Three Ansible £530
Four Docker £500
Five Scala £520
Six Fintech £520
Seven React £450
Eight Terraform £510
Nine PaaS £480
Ten IaaS £480